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Stage Bright Musicians Services
Our services include offering live entertainment for the following:
Corporate Events
Ladies' Teas/Lunches

• Background music
Arrival of guests
While photo’s are taken and guests enjoy a drink (in venue or outside)

• Music in the church / chapel
Entrance of the Bride
Exchange of the rings
Signing of the register
Exit of Bride and Bridegroom

• Music at the Reception
Entrance of the Bride and Bridegroom
During the different courses of the meal
Dancing - Band

• Pre-drinks (music in the foyer while the guests arrive)
Saxophone with backtracks
Keyboard and voice
String quartet (2 violins, viola and cello)
Solo violinist

• Concert / Entertainment
A short programme when used in conjunction with pre-drinks and background music. It creates the ambience of the evening and at the same time introduces the performers to the audience.

• Background music with each course
Different combinations are available

• Pre-drinks
Arrival of all participants

• Background music
Lunch / tea break

• Entertainment
At the start of the conference – to create the desired atmosphere The theme
of the conference could be incorporated into the music chosen

• Pre-drinks
Arrival of the guests

• Background music
During the different courses of the meal

• Entertainment
At the start of the event – to create the desired atmosphere

• Motivational Speaking
Music combined with motivational speaking – the music enhances the
message of the speaker – very powerful!!


• Classical concerts throughout the country
• Balanced programmes
• 30 – 75 minutes

Church Events

Three course supper (a hostess is in charge of a table)
• Music while guests arrive
• Concert to start the event (could include motivational speaking)
• Background music with meal

Special Requests

If the service you require is not on our list we are open to special requests.

For top quality performances by our well qualified professionals, simply phone the managing director, Chantie Minnaar, on 082 330-6160.
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